This project could not have been possible without the incredible support of many creative professionals, academics, community partners, and local artists. Thank you all for being a for being socially conscious sustainable warriors.
Maria Elena Buszek Ph.D.
Maria is an Art History professor at the University of Colorado Denver. She is also a curator, art critic, and author. She was my official mentor for this two-part project and oversaw all activity in The Future of Now exhibition, as well as the development of my design thesis project. Maria's experience, passion, attention to detail, and support for young female academics in the art and design industry was humbling and inspiring. 
Jeff Lambson
Jeff is the Art Director and Curator of the Emmanuel Art Gallery. I was an intern working with him in the Gallery at the time he approved the proposal for The Future of Now exhibition. He encouraged me to seek funding through the Deans Student Innovation Award, and provided great knowledge and expertise in the world of curation. 
Haylee Jordan
Haylee is an alumni of the Digital Design program at CU Denver, and is a self-employed brand strategist and designer. As an expert in branding, she worked endlessly with me as my Digital Media Expert in the development o the Lynx Food Pantry brand. 
Coby Wikselaar
Coby is a Harding Fellow in the CU Denver Political Science Department specializing in student hunger and homelessness. She was the Subject Matte Expert in my digital design thesis project, and kept my up-to-date on all things concerning food initiatives on campus as well as research recommendations. 
Rian Kerrane
Rian is an associate professor in CU Denver's Sculpture Program as well as a professional artist. She was my installation class professor at the time I proposed and built the interactive survey installation for research into the perceptions and participation of the food pantries on campus. We had planned to build and test tangible touchpoints before the campus art studio's closed due to COVID-19.
Jess Diaz
It's me! I am the curator of The Future of Now Exhibition, and designer behind the brand strategy and design of the Lynx Food Pantry. I am dedicated to designing for social impact, education, and sustainable development. I am inspired by user interaction and behavior, and how these can be driving forces in creating meaningful brand experiences. I explore ways to make concepts and experiences tangible through visual arts. I have had experience designing visual marketing materials for the College of Arts & Media, and was previously an intern at the Emmanuel Art Gallery. In 2020 I had the honor of receiving a CAM Dean’s Student Innovation Award to manage a two-part project addressing sustainable development through multiple creative solutions. After graduation, I aims to continue practicing brand strategy as a visual designer for a range of clients in creative industries and small businesses. ​​​​​​​
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